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Stylish Gota Work Lehenga from Nayab Stores

Finding the right dress on the right occasion is a great task for almost every woman around the globe. In India, for women, there are a lot of options out of which they can choose the one for the occasion. Most women like to wear lehengas whenever there is a special occasion. Even there is plenty of variety available in lehengas designs like banarsi lehengas, Gota work lehenga, etc. According to the preference of women, they can easily pick the one that they like to wear the most.

If you are looking for unique lehengas options, going for the Gota Patti lehenga will be a great option. These lehengas come in plenty of colours that make them very unique to style on different occasions. Whenever you wear such a lehenga, it will help the woman to look different from others.

Origin of Gota Patti work

This is a type of embroidery which was first originated in Rajasthan. This type of work became very popular among the women from the Mughal dynasty as it used to come up with unique embroidery results. In this, small pieces of zari, which were mostly of golden, or silver colour were sewed down on the fabric in different designs.

Nowadays, it is very easy to find the perfect Gota Patti lehenga online from the Nayab Stores. The Stores is providing the authentic and most unique design of the Gota Patti lehenga. 

Know the authenticity of Gota Patti work

It is seen that Gota Patti work lehengas have become very popular among people, so the demand for it is getting quite high. But how the person can find out that the Gota Patti work is real or fake. For this, the person needs to keep in mind the fact that Gota Patti's work is done using metal. 

Traditionally, the embroidery work was done with the help of real gold and silver. But not it is being done with the help of less expensive metals like copper. All the sews in the embroidery are done with authentic metal, and designing is done with thick and heavy metallic paint. The overall process will give a great and unique look to Gota Patti work lehenga

Things to know about Gota Patti lehenga

  • Unique kind of gold or silver work: The best part about the Gota Patti lehenga is that it is shaving unique silver or gold design which will look great on it. The embroidery might not be imprinted like in banarsi lehenga online. It has a little 3D affect that provides more grace to the overall look of the dress. Such work will not go out of trend at any point in time. You can easily style with different dupattas or choli styles to make it look more elegant.
  • Rich colour schemes: Gota work is the traditional embroidery work that belongs to Rajasthan. The craftsmen of Rajasthan use solid and cold colours, which is something that gets most of the attention. Golden or silver work will instantly embrace the beauty of the bright-coloured fabric. Nowadays, even Gota work lehenga comes in the pastel colour, which also becomes a great outfit.
  • Not very expensive: Some people might be having the belief that this type of work lehengas can put a hole in the pocket. But actually, it is a myth as Gota Patti lehenga can be quite affordable if picked from the right dealer. The original craftsmen dealing in these types of lehengas are charging affordable prices for it. 

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