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Dupatta- Style and Online Shopping

Dupattas are a great option for traditional wear. They have a unique charm for both Indians and exotic fashion lovers. From Multi colour dupatta online shopping to getting as a gift, it has all the roles in a woman's life. You are perhaps familiar with the phrase, "You can move Dupatta out of India, but you can never move Dupatta out of Indians."

It may appear unusual and illogical at first look, but upon the closer check, the phrase perfectly reflects our adoration for Dupattas and its global support. Then why are we (Indians) or India as a whole caught in this model? To grasp this, we must go back to the very beginning of the fashion piece that never goes out of trend in India! Later, we will go through this blog and read about the shopping option, styles, and trends of dupattas. 

History of Dupatta:

Beginning with the name, "Dupatta" is a blend of two Sanskrit words: "Du," which means "twice" or "double," and "Patta," which means "item of clothing." The style that feels to be a derivative of the ancient Uttariya— a shawl. We used these shawls to wrap the upper portion of the body in the old days.

Early evidence of Dupatta is nearly related to ancient drawings and artwork showing historical events from the Indus Valley Culture (or even before), where women wore a veil daily across their shoulders. As a result, it is fair to presume that Dupatta's origins have a link with India. 

What does it mean to Indians?

One can put Dupatta in a part of our culture because of its origin in the Indian land. Women often wear the dupattas over their heads in devout households. This is making it a vital part of their culture. In this way, they keep their face a secret from others except for their partner.

This ritual has been stale in recent years, but it is still general for many reasons. Females wear Dupattas to shield their faces in Mumbai, Kolkata, and South India, where pollution and sun heat issues. In addition, most Indian women let dupattas slip from their necks or make them hang across their sides. By this, they hide their upper bodies, likely the most widespread use. You can buy dupattas in various types, such as 'stitched,' silk, 'curly,' 'zari,' 'glittery,' 'net,' and more. 

Varieties of Dupattas:

The amount of variety that the Dupatta embodies is both perplexing and overwhelming. Not long ago, the Dupatta was an essential part of every Hindu family's tradition. It eventually made its way into the fashion world. Also, dazzling divas modelled it on the big screen.

The magic of Dupatta grows into an arranged range. It was once only an icon of customary tradition. The variety in Dupatta comes from various factors that go into making one; everything contributes to the garment's overall appearance. Let's look at some popular types of Dupatta:

  • The Khara dupatta: A six-yard long dupatta is a part of traditional Hyderabadi attire. Hyderabadi brides wear this Dupatta at their weddings. Now it comes in an online dupatta store from ZardosiKarigars and brings you this lovely ensemble.
  • Bandhej Dupatta: One of the most attractive fabric types is the bandhej Dupatta, which comes from Rajasthan. The Bandhej Dupatta consists of sparkling decor works using the ancient mirror. This design highlights the unique art of the land of desert and camel.
  • Chiffon Dupatta: Chiffon dupattas are the rage of today's fashion world. The interest in dupattas of this fabric is extreme due to its comfort and smooth flow.

A fascinating fact about Dupatta is that its name is different in each state and region from where it belongs. Some know Dupatta as an odhani in Rajasthan and a chador in Pakistan, as a chunri or a ghoonghat in other parts of India. 

Dupatta, buying an edition to your closet:

Many handicraft stores offer the best designer dupatta collection online at affordable prices. You can purchase them and fill your wardrobe collection with your choice. Some wear the Dupatta as a mark of modesty, or some as a trendy ornament. Nowadays, the trend of dupatta styling is very famous, so everyone wants to put it in the closet.

There is no end to the causes why Indians wear dupattas, but we always know a need for them in the fashion. In other words, dupattas fill a gap in our clothes, and we adore them and deny the reality that they have been in trend for many centuries - they are not a craze! 

Dupatta and its draping style:

The Dupatta is simply a part of fashion and depends on its draping style. One can wear Dupatta in various ways with— a lehenga and choli, including the Gujarati style, the Bengali style, the south Indian half-saree style, swiftly put around the wrist, and so on, depending on the region. It is a crucial attire of the classical dance Kathak. A sheer dupatta goes around the shoulder, crosses the body, and locks the waist in the Kathak style.

Designers love it because they add to the overall look of an outfit. Ladies buy cotton dupatta online to use at casual events or the office. Some wear it as a belt around the waist to catch a glance, like a turban on the fashion runway, as bandanas on some tour or at the beach, like a scarf around the neck to resemble a cowl, and the list goes on and on.


Wearing a dupatta/shawl is always safe and symbolizes their social identity. Clothing is essential to human beings, and the Dupatta is part of it. The specific cultures and traditions support its journey of it. The present era of women also greets the role of Dupatta in their life. Check out the collection above and order cotton dupatta online at the best price.