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Sarees are one of the most elegant outfits that accentuate the beauty of women. If you are also a saree lover, linen sarees are a must-have in your collection. One of the lightest fabrics used for making sarees is linen. The fabric is made from the flax plant. It is very soft and comfortable on your skin. As it allows air and absorbs sweat, it is perfect for the summer season.

If you are looking forward to linen sarees online shopping, Nayab Stores is the right place for you. Most women love linen sarees as they are a good fit for every occasion and season. A linen saree won't cling to your body, but highlights the strongholds and conceals the flaws of your body. It can absorb moisture, making it skin-friendly so that it doesn't cause skin rashes.

Our linen sarees can be worn for years as they are stain-resistant and easy to wash. The pure linen sarees price can be a bit more as compared to other fabrics, but it is worth the investment as they will last you a really long time when taken care of well. 

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Why Pure Linen Sarees Online Are a Must Have

Linen sarees are crisp, smart, and trendy. It is one of the oldest fabrics and is eco-friendly as well. With increasing awareness about sustainable fashion, linen is on the top list of fashion lovers across the globe.

Linen sarees are one-of-a-kind and beautiful apparel that is available on our webpage in different colours, designs, and patterns. They are perfect for both formal and informal looks. The variety of colours makes them suitable to be worn in different settings.

The linen cotton saree is not only comfortable on the skin but also very easy to drape. They are a must-have, especially during the summer season. They are so versatile that they can be worn by women of all body types. It keeps your body cool and your mind relaxed, even in a hot and humid climate. Whether you are attending a meeting in the office or hanging out with friends, linen sarees are a perfect choice!

The linen sarees look great not only in printed patterns but also in plain ones. You can choose a contrasting blouse with a plain linen saree. If you love to flaunt classy outfits but don't wish to compromise on comfort, the handloom linen saree is the right choice. Traditional sarees are classy and durable, and you can wear them to work on a daily basis.

You can wear linen sarees throughout the year. While most people believe that linen is suitable only for the summer, it can be worn during the winter as well, owing to the warp-weft tricks. Irrespective of the season, linen sarees can adorn you and offer you a stylish look throughout the year. 

How Are Linen Sarees Made?

As mentioned above, linen is a material made from fibres of the flax plant, which is the oldest cultivated plant in human history. The colour of natural linen ranges between the shades of tan, grey, ivory, ecru, and pure white that are created after heavy bleaching. After this, the fabric is submitted for scotching, followed by another procedure called heckling.

Cottonizing is yet another method used for making fabric. It is much faster and less rigorous. It also needs fewer tools and equipment. The stalks of flax are processed in a similar way to those of cotton. The previous method is much more common as it offers a distinct look and feel to the linen. 

How is linen different from cotton?

Linen fibres are thicker as well as longer than cotton fibres. Linen has more sheen than cotton fabric. Both linen and cotton fibre are made up of cellulose but have different properties.

  • Cotton is a seed fibre, while linen is extracted from the flax plant, which is a bast fibre.
  • Linen fabric is eco-friendly as compared to cotton. Both fabrics are very breathable and absorbent. However, cotton doesn't share linen's property of moisture-wicking.
  • Linen is more durable as compared to cotton.


How to Take Care of the Linen Sarees

Our pure linen sarees online need some care and maintenance so that you can preserve them for a longer duration. Linen is often mixed with cotton, khadi, or silk so that the fabric gets a unique feel and look. You must always check the wash and care instructions.

  • It is best to hand-wash the linen sarees at home in normal water using mild liquid detergent. You can soak the saree in water before washing it for at least 10–15 minutes. Add some rock salt so that you can prevent the colours from fading away.
  • Linen fabric has no stretch, so avoid squeezing the saree when it is wet as the fibres can get torn—linen, as such, dries quickly in natural air. So, instead of hanging the saree for drying, you must spread it on a surface or drying rack. This will prevent the fabric from being crushed.
  • Direct and constant exposure to direct sunlight will have a bleaching effect on the colour of linen. Keep the saree away from direct sun exposure while drying.
  • Linen can be ironed easily when wet at a high temperature. However, you can wear a linen saree without ironing as it has its own charm. Avoid the use of starch on the linen saree. Starch will destroy the natural softness of linen, giving it a stiff feel.
  • The linen is highly durable but has a minimum stretch. If you fold the linen saree from the same crease repeatedly, it can lead to permanent damage or tearing of the fabric. Keep the saree lightly folded and store it on a wooden hanger.
  • Store the linen saree away from dampness and moisture. Linen can absorb up to 20% of its own weight in moisture.

Linen is a trendy, elegant, and classy fabric, and sarees made from linen are a must-have in your wardrobe. If you love sarees, your collection is incomplete without a linen saree. Explore our webpage for top quality and a wide range of plain and printed linen sarees online.