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Pure Silk Dupatta You Can Buy Online

When you are looking for some traditional clothes, a lot of them will prefer silk fabric. It is one of the best fabrics available on this planet, which is quite more expensive when compared with others.

However, it is more famous in India and was used in the Indus valley. So, if you are planning to buy a dupatta, a silk dupatta can be your best option. The properties of silk also make it more versatile and awesome. 

Latest Silk Dupattas Which You Should Try-

As we know, that dupatta adds an extra traditional feel to your look. And can make you look more immersive and attractive. This dupatta is worn across both shoulders and becomes the symbol of modesty. It can also be worn around the torso. Various kinds of fabric can be used in dupattas, but silk is mainly considered. It is also called chunri and chunni. So, coming back to our topic, the best silk dupattas we can buy online are listed below. 

  1. Printed Silk Dupattas

These are the trendiest styles that modern women prefer. The prints like a triangle and different shapes are printed onto it, making it unique and attractive. The group of teenagers mostly loves these. These silk dupattas can be best for the festive season. 

  1. Tussar silk dupattas

Tussar silk is one of the most famous silks in India. It is widely used across the country for manufacturing various garments. The best property of this silk is its natural golden sheen which gives it a luxurious and attractive look. This silk is mainly produced in Jharkhand, Bihar, and West Bengal. Although they are more expensive when compared with other types of silk. Some of these dupattas are mentioned below

  • TussarGichaMaheshwari Silk Dupatta
  • Ink Blue Dupion Silk Dupatta
  • Sea Green and Blue Hand Block Printed Tussar Silk Dupatta

These are the different Tussar silk dupattas online. Nayab Stores is a better place to buy silk dupattas online. 

  1. Plane silk dupattas

This can be the best option for your traditional look. This plane dupatta can be used with any of the Salwar suits. This can be the best option when you are sudden and have no time to prepare yourself for the occasion. You can also buy some plain-color silk dupattas together. Best silk dupattas online. One should check them out.


As we have gone across different silk dupattas which can be brought online. These are the trendiest designs for dupattas that are on the market. Although pure silk dupattas' price is usually more significant when compared with other fabrics, this can range from Rs 1000 to 5000. So, if you are interested in buying these dupattas, you can search for them online and can buy them.