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Designer Kurti for Women

Kurti For women has taken the trend of fashion for women. Traditional long Kurti and short Kurti look aesthetic on women; it gives them a sober and traditional look with simplicity and beauty. There are a lot of varieties and designs of Kurti in fashion.But this season, try this new range of long Kurti and short Kurti for women at Nayab Stores.

During this hot summer, you may look for some long Kurtis and short Kurtis for yourself; then, you come to the right place to buy them. I recommend you buy simple and sober Kurtis from Nayab stores because they have a beautiful collection of short Kurtis and long Kurtis.

In this hot summer, you buy short Kurtis to give you relief, and if you want to cover yourself from harsh sun rays, you can buy long Kurtis from Nayab Stores. All the Kurtis have extraordinary properties as it dries out faster and has cotton material.

Nayab Stores have a different range of long Kurti and short Kurti for women, which have a variety of designs and patterns for all working women, college students, and housewife. Every background woman can get the choice of long and short Kurti at our Nayab stores.

The quality is so appreciable by customers. Also, the customizable team lets them pick and personalize according to the demand of their choice, and customers get them tailored how they want.

Different lengths of long Kurti are available at Nayab Stores:-

Long Kurti for women have different lengths of size-

  1. Up to your knee
  2. Mid to between knee and ankle
  3. Long up to your ankle


Products and Their Details:

  1. Shahnaz –

A beautiful short Kurti for women and elegant design of this Kurti with a price range of 1499. Also, grey with printed flowers and a beautiful embroidery pattern. It gives a new look to your body, and you feel relaxed in it. I highly recommend this short Kurti for women from Nayab Stores.

  1. Nazmil –

This category of short Kurti brings a simple and sober look to you with embroidery all over the Kurti, sleeved with the price range of 1799. It gives you a classic look that can raise your standards. Also, colours are available in this Kurti- green, red, honey, and blue.

  1. Haseen –

This long Kurti category for women has vibrant colours that give you a very attractive look. The price Tsleeved in different colours – green and red. Make your look eye catchy with Kurtis from Nayab stores.

  1. Patola –

Again, I highly recommended long Kurti for women from Nayab stores who sought red and embroidery all over. The price range of 2999 is a bit expensive because the quality they are providing is so good.

  1. Nazm –

This category gives you a sassy look because it is a long Kurti with black in colour and black is almost favourite by all with full sleeved and embroidery all over, this price range is also a bit expensive cost of 2999.

  1. Inara –

This is a simple category of Nayab stores; long Kurti for women has full-sleeved and elegant green embroidery. For any occasion, you can wear this. The material of this Kurti is cotton and is best for hot summers. With the price range of 1999.

  1. Sanyonee –

This long Kurti for women has purple; we already see many Kurti and their colours. Still, this category has a unique purple colour which gives you a fresh look, with full-sleeved embroidery at the price of 1999.

  1. Chickenkaari –

Chickenkaari Kurti is the love for summer fashion; women love to wear chickenkaari Kurti in summers because they give a lot of comforts and make your body feel breathable. Chickenkaari Kurti has their origin in Lucknow. 

Also, Nayab stores have sets of long Kurti for women where it has dupatta and pants /plazo / salwar combined with the Kurti. You can also customize the bottom wear by your own choice.

They have so many categories of both long Kurti for women and short Kurti for women with a wide range of colours. Suppose we are talking about the material of all the Kurtis so it is so good and comfortable that you can easily wear them in hot summer. All the Kurtis of Nayab stores makes you more classy and elegant, giving you a fresh look. All the Kurtis are not so simple.

All have embroidery on them. All the features in one Kurti are only available in Nayab stores, so if you're planning to buy some beautiful Kurtis for yourself, I highly recommend you buy from Nayab stores. Nayab stores give you elegance to your look and also do customize. Also, you can shop these Kurtis online. Well, their shipping facilities are also good you don't need to wait for your order for so long. So check out allthe Kurtis from Nayab stores and make your best choice.