Step by Step Lehenga Type Saree Draping

Step by Step Lehenga Type Saree Draping

Girls look elegant in every dress they wear. The traditional looks can give the girls and ladies more elegance. Even a lot of girls wear love sarees all the time. The sarees give the girls a traditional look and add beauty to their souls. The current era has changed their passion for sarees, and the market is flooded with several types of sarees. Lehenga saree is one of the popular and most attractive types of saree, which the girls prefers more nowadays for their family functions, wedding, reception etc.

Have you ever tried the Lehenga saree? Any idea about Lehenga-type saree draping? There are some steps and tips to give more attractiveness to the girls with the Lehenga saree.

Lehenga saree draping:

Lehenga saree is one of the most preferred and selected sarees by girls and ladies nowadays for their special occasions, family functions etc. How to drape the Lehenga saree? The Lehenga saree draping can be of any type- the classic type, the casual type Lehenga wear. The Lehenga saree differs from the normal saree; the former is pleated around the skirt, whereas the latter is draper around the petticoat.

Before going into the steps of Lehenga saree draping, one important tip is the elegance of Lehenga saree purely depends on how the pleating is taken or arranged. So one should take care of the pleats arrangements well. Girls keen on their dressing, and the traditional look can start researching the latest sarees online.

There are some steps to follow for the elegant Lehenga saree look, which include the following:

  • Select the type of drape you want to do with the Lehenga saree, based on which steps will differ
  • Start pleating the lehenga saree according to the size you required
  • After pleating it, bring the middle of the Lehenga saree to your left shoulder and pin over it.
  • Then, take the long-length lehenga saree left, take it back, and wrap your body with it.
  • The other end of the Lehenga is placed inside the mid-waist. One end is pinned on the left shoulder, and the other end length of the Lehenga is put inside the mid-waist.
  • Additionally, any dupatta can be placed around the arms or over the head to give an additional elegant look.


The above said steps are the steps of the classical type of Lehenga saree draping. More steps can be added according to the draping they require.

Festive season:

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