Simple Saree Blouse Designs

Simple Saree Blouse Designs

Saree is one of those Indian clothing items with a huge fan base worldwide. From the traditional ethnic sari to contemporary designer sarees, you can always count on it to turn heads at parties or weddings. In India, women wear sarees almost daily, even during their busy work. Sarees come in various colors, patterns, cuts, and lengths.

There are several ways to style a saree. The challenge is to choose between the various options and the look that suits your personality. The following infographic will show you some simple ideas to get started.

From the most straightforward printed prints to embroidered motifs, there are countless ways to incorporate patterns into your saree. This article shows you how to go from plain white to colorful printed sarees.

Collection of Some Trendy Saree Blouse Designs:

  1. The fluffy feel:

You will undoubtedly enjoy this. It's similar to a crop top but with fluffy sleeves and a belt to tie around your amazing pure linen saree. Stitch the plaits together at the elbows. These blouses are popular among modern brides. Maintain a simple and elegant style. You can find various collections of pure linen sarees online shopping. 

  1. The vase cut:

The creative work is happening right at the front side of this style, and the collar gives it that edge. Overall, it appears to be daring! It would go great with latest pure silk sarees

  1. The oval cut:

The cut is sassy, and the flowery design can offer a stunning contrast. You have the choice of choosing between long or short sleeves. You can admire the Zardozi workaround that will establish the tone surrounding the clip.

You could add a Latkan to it to bring out the whimsical side, and the floral design looks beautiful around the cut. 

  1. The zigzag cut:

The saree blouse design is even more gorgeous. The back of the dress has a zig-zag-like structure created by intertwining each strap of the lace, which is fastened on each side. This pattern is much like the chequered design. 

  1. Long sleeve with sheer:

The shimmering vibe of the long sleeves, which has an elegant print, can look stunning in the Sangeet ceremony. You can wear long sleeves, and the netting and flowers above sync a lot with the vibe. 


Simple saree blouse designs are a great way to add a touch of elegance to your look. Pure linen sarees are a great choice for a classic and sophisticated look, while pure silk sarees are a great option for a more modern and stylish look. Whatever your style, a saree blouse design is perfect for you.

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