Latest Fashion Trends for Indian Wedding Dresses

Latest Fashion Trends for Indian Wedding Dresses

Fashion trends tend to change frequently in this advanced world. People tend to follow every trend that is coming in the world.As this is the wedding season, let's learn about the fashion trend in Indian wedding dresses.

People like to wear something new to every wedding they went. There are several dresses out there to wear at any wedding function, but as we know, Indian women love to wear Saree, and we also know that the saree enhances the grace of Indian women. There are several sarees out there to be worn in any wedding season. Of all the available sarees out there, Linen sarees and Bhagalpuri Silk Saree are the top favorites of Indian women.

Latest trending sarees:

  1. Organza saree:

Organza sarees are the hottest trend right now. Women and even girls like to wear this saree as it enhances women's beauty and looks beautiful on them. It is made up of a distinctive fabric known as Organza. It made looks women sophisticated and graceful. It is a type of silk saree.

  1. Linen saree:

Linen saree is women's top preference. Women love to wear linen saree as it magnifies their beauty and drapes perfectly onto their bodies and curves. Linen Saree came in all ranges so that every woman could wear it. It is made up of natural fabric derived from the flax plant.

  1. Bhagalpuri Silk Saree:

It is made up of first-class silk. Bhagalpuri Silk Saree is an ethnic silk saree. It looks elegant on women and lightens up their beauty of women. Its fabric came from a city names Bhagalpur, also called "silk city." Bhagalpuri Silk Saree is smooth in texture and looks elegant on women.

  1. Lehariya saree:

The word Lehariya means wave. This saree is comprised of distinctive patterns, and it has dazzling colors. Lehariya saree came from Rajasthan, and Rajasthan women mostly wear it at festivals and big occasions.


Some other trending fashion trends in wedding dresses are-

  • Sharara Dresses:It is a type of Indian-Pakistani dress. It consistsof sharara along with a short top, long top, Kurti, crop top with a shrug, and many more combinations. It is a trending dress and is coming in every range and color.
  • Technicolor Lehngas: It is one of the hottest trends in existence. It is made up of metallic colors. Some designers are fusing techni-color lehnga with tie-dye patterns to make them stylish and classy.
  • Indo-Western Dresses:Women wear this dress in small to big events. They can be very heavy and light weighted. It can be top with a skirt, long Kurta with skirt, palazzo and top and many more. It came in various patterns, colors, prints, etc.
  • Chicken Kari work:It is also one of the hottest trends. Chicken Kari is a hand embroidered work. It can be done on several fabrics such as chiffon, Organza, muslin, and many more.


Any girl can wear all these wedding dresses and effortlessly look stunning. However, if you want to wear a saree at a wedding function, we highly recommend Bhagalpuri Silk Saree online.

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