10 Most Famous Indian Sarees Types

10 Most Famous Indian Sarees Types

Our India is being classified among the affluent regarding philosophy and oral history. We salute all our celebrations with much solemnity and represent and trust in going the extravagant way without bothering about the occasion. Whether it's south or north, every region and state has something glorious, like being seen to represent something out of the world.

Contrasting cookery, having a different lifestyle with different types of fashion, etc. But still, there is a thing that helps us get connected to every one of us along with the threads of grace and style, and that is our fondness and appreciation for sarees. So today, we will discuss the different types of sarees used according to their region and state. Let's get started.

1. Chikankari Sarees: If you are from Uttar Pradesh, then surely you heard the Lucknow place, as well all know that Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh. And if you belong from Lucknow itself, you have surely heard about Chikankari Sarees. These types of sarees show something fashionable. It is available in a variety of fabrics. It is done on the cloth of Muslin. 

2. Chanderi Sarees: Silk, Zari, and cotton are all put together to make a special fabric that weighs lighter than a feather, and when you wear it, you will feel like something royal with a dashing and charming look. Chanderi Sarees belongs to Madhya Pradesh. If you are a choosy type of person, you must buy this saree because it's easy to wear and has the best kind of fabric. 

3. Pochampally Sarees: This kind of saree belongs to the town of Boodhan, which is located in Andhra Pradesh, and showers the popular Pochampally Silk. These kinds of sarees consist of convoluted motifs and dimensional ikat designs and are made up of an ideal combination of silk and cotton. 

4. Banarasi Sarees: These sarees are well likely to be known for the designation of zari look and motifs in the color of gold and silver. It was generated for royalty only. Banarsi saree belongs to Varanasi. 

5. Muga Sarees: The Muga saree belongs to Assam, and this kind of saree is produced by a special type of silk generated through the larvae that are nourished on the two special types leaves. Muga Saree gives glossy durability. If you visit Assam, you can find golden strips of threads in the Muga saree in Assam only. And you can buy these pure silk sarees online

6. Bandhani Sarees: As we know from the name itself, Bandhan means ties. This kind of saree is made up of a tie and dye process. Bandhani sarees are well likely to be known in both Gujarat and Rajasthan. 

7. Paithani Sarees: This kind of saree is especially famous in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The handwoven silk sarees give a feel of luxury and stylish. It consists of a zari border with fine motifs and a frequent peacock design. 

8. Bomkai Sarees: Bomkai Sarees is also known for Sonepuri Silk sarees. It is a piece of art that consists of ikat, embroidery, and complex thread work. And they all put together into one charming nine-yard wonder. They are accessible in the form of silk and cotton and give a special feel to events after wearing these types of sarees. Bomkai sarees belong to Odisha. 

9. Linen Sarees: Linen Sarees are produced by the fibers of a plant named flax plant. It is well like to be known for its lightweight and has soft fabric. It has a breezy fabric that gives relief in summer and a dashing look. Linen saree is available in different types of fabrics and designs. It would help if you had a Linen saree collection in your wardrobe so that your wardrobe would be full of the moon. 

10. Talent Sarees: This saree belongs to the land of West Bengal. And it is made up of cotton, and it is used as daily routine wear in Bengal as it is very light in weight and easy to wear. It consists of a thick border and beautiful prints that surely make you attract to buy cotton sarees online.


The look of all other outfits is on one side, and the elegance of our saree is on another side. None of the other outfits can match the elegant look of the saree. This is why our Indian culture is also becoming popular in foreign countries. There also everyone becoming fond of sarees and like to wear them at their festivals.

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