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At Nayab Stores, you can buy premium silk sarees online for your wardrobe.

Sarees are a popular choice for women all over the world, not just Indian women. They are extremely beautiful and elegant to wear. Sarees are one of the oldest garments and have a special place in Indian traditions. There are different types of sarees, and silk sarees have a special place among them.

If you are looking for silk sarees online, Nayab Stores is the right place for you. On our webpage you can find a variety of lovely silk saree collections. The best thing about our online portal is that you can find beautiful pure silk sarees with their price so that you can make a choice accordingly.

We have affordable sarees on our page. However, silk sarees can be a little expensive as compared to other types of sarees. But silk sarees definitely justify the cost as they are rich and luxurious-looking possessions that are a must-have for saree lovers. Also, they can really last you for decades if taken care of well, so the price gets justified there as well.

Reasons for Online Shopping for Silk Sarees

Silk sarees are exquisite and rich-looking sarees. The silk yarn is weaved together from protein fibre, the raw material of the silkworm cocoon. Your wardrobe is incomplete without silk sarees. Silk sarees are an investment and must be chosen carefully.

Silk is not only comfortable during the winter but is perfect for all seasons. Especially during the colder months, silk sarees can keep you warm. They offer you an elegant look even when you are minimally decked up. This is what makes silk perfect for formal settings as well. Silk sarees will set you apart from others. One good thing about silk sarees is that they look good on women with all body types and frames.

The silk sarees don’t crease as much as other sarees. Silk happens to be a fabric that comes in different colours and prints. Be it warm winter dark colours or cool pastel summery colours, the silk will accentuate your beauty to the next level. No one can deny that silk sarees look rich and gorgeous.

Silk sarees are a style statement in themselves. You can rock any look with silk sarees. Pair them with a long-sleeved blouse, a sleeveless blouse, or a halter-neck, and you are good to go. You can also team your silk saree with an ethnic jacket or drape a shawl to enhance the charm of the saree.

Types of Pure Silk Sarees Online

You can find a wide variety of soft silk sarees online, such as Desi Tussar silk, Dupion silk, Kalamkari Gicha silk, Desi Gichasilk, TussarGichaAnchalsilk, Kalamkari silk saree, MadhubaniGichasilk saree, TussarGichaKadhaisilk saree, TussarMungasilk, Kota silk saree, MadhubaniTussarGichasilk, TussarMungasilk, and more.

You will find silk sarees in gorgeous colours, designs, prints, and work. The amazing options will literally spoil you for choice. The lovely silk sarees on our webpage will meet the diversified needs of women of all ages and from all walks of life. Just a tip for all silk saree lovers, when you drape a silk saree, iron it first so the pleats fall beautifully!

How to Store and Maintain Your Silk Sarees

Silk sarees are timeless beauties, and they never go out of fashion. You can preserve them and wear them for as long as you want. Unlike the fashion fads that disappear within a year or two, silk sarees are always going to be in fashion.

Once you are done with silk sarees online shopping, you need to follow some tips to take care of the sarees so that you can preserve them for a longer duration and enjoy flaunting them for years. These tips can be used on other silk garments as well.

  • The silk sarees should be wrapped in a cotton or muslin cloth. You can also choose soft towels for doing that. You can also find special saree bags on the market, such as cotton bags. You should avoid polyester bags for silk sarees. However, they can be used for other fibre sarees. The cotton or muslin fabric will allow the silk sarees to breathe, and the zari won’t get darkened from oxidation. It also helps prevent the saree from getting snagged with other fabrics and protects it from moths.
  • The silk sarees should be refolded every 3–4 months so that they don’t tear due to fold lines.
  • Once you use the silk saree, you should air it out. You can keep them clean by washing them in mild detergent or shampoo and cold water. If you wash them, avoid wringing them and place them in a shaded area to prevent them  fading away. You can also get the silk saree dry cleaned.
  • To preserve the sheen of the saree, you can fold it inside out. Also, get netted lining attached for preserving thread work, such as embroidery on your saree.
  • It is better to use hangers for silk sarees as they will keep them wrinkle-free. Avoid metal hangers as they react with silk and lead to rust stains.
  • Storing silk sarees in a cool and dark place will keep them from fading.
  • Using naphthalene balls in the wardrobe will prevent silverfish and moths from invading your wardrobe. You can also use dried neem leaves owing to their anti-fungal and anti-pest properties.

You can explore silk sarees with prices on our webpage so that you can make a decision based on your choice as well as your budget. The quality and service will leave you amazed. You will receive the same saree as you see online and in the same condition. You must have at least a few classic pure silk sarees that you can rock on various occasions. They are perfect for both formal and informal settings as well as for special occasions.

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