Step by Step Lehenga Type Saree Draping

Girls look elegant in every dress they wear. The traditional looks can give the girls and ladies more elegance. Even a lot of girls wear love sarees all the time. The sarees give the girls a traditional look and add beauty to their souls. The current era has changed their passion for sarees, and the market is flooded with several types of sarees. Lehenga saree is one of the popular and most attractive types of saree, which the girls prefers more nowadays for their family functions, wedding, reception etc.

Have you ever tried the Lehenga saree? Any idea about Lehenga-type saree draping? There are some steps and tips to give more attractiveness to the girls with the Lehenga saree.

Lehenga saree draping:

Lehenga saree is one of the most preferred and selected sarees by girls and ladies nowadays for their special occasions, family functions etc. How to drape the Lehenga saree? The Lehenga saree draping can be of any type- the classic type, the casual type Lehenga wear. The Lehenga saree differs from the normal saree; the former is pleated around the skirt, whereas the latter is draper around the petticoat.

Before going into the steps of Lehenga saree draping, one important tip is the elegance of Lehenga saree purely depends on how the pleating is taken or arranged. So one should take care of the pleats arrangements well. Girls keen on their dressing, and the traditional look can start researching the latest sarees online.

There are some steps to follow for the elegant Lehenga saree look, which include the following:

  • Select the type of drape you want to do with the Lehenga saree, based on which steps will differ
  • Start pleating the lehenga saree according to the size you required
  • After pleating it, bring the middle of the Lehenga saree to your left shoulder and pin over it.
  • Then, take the long-length lehenga saree left, take it back, and wrap your body with it.
  • The other end of the Lehenga is placed inside the mid-waist. One end is pinned on the left shoulder, and the other end length of the Lehenga is put inside the mid-waist.
  • Additionally, any dupatta can be placed around the arms or over the head to give an additional elegant look.


The above said steps are the steps of the classical type of Lehenga saree draping. More steps can be added according to the draping they require.

Festive season:

The festive season has started, and people will be very fond of searching for clothes and things they require. We can find many of the latest sarees collections online or offline. But the most popular searches and the findings by the people rank as Bhagalpur silk saree online.

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Anarkali Dress Designs from Saree

Most of us currently have our sights set on a few of our mom's or grandmom's old saree. The main reasons that sarees, no matter how old or new, can never be out of fashion are indeed the colours, prints, and fabrics of a few. They are, without question, a classic. Nevertheless, a few of us do not want to use these ancient gems as sarees again.

The choices range from lending them an Indo-western touch to turning them into accessories and home furnishings.


One of the best-found ideas for using silk saree is to convert it into Anarkali:

Neither fabric can equal the regal quality of silk. Therefore, sometimes we prefer to wear other silk clothes besides the more conventional silk sarees. Gorgeous Anarkali, lehengas, and dresses are great options for weddings, anniversaries, and other celebrations.'


How to convert saree into Anarkali?

One needs to take the pieces of the saree and stitch them into a skirt-like pattern and can also add a cane for the broadness of the Anarkali. Making it tight from the chest and letting it free from the bottom. Silk is the best option for making a saree Anarkali dress.

Thin materials like chiffon, silk, net, and tissue were employed to create this Anarkali suit. This Anarkali outfit is made from properly lined, thin materials, including chiffon, silk, net, tissue, and cotton. Anarkalis with such a panelled skirt as well as a circular bodice pattern.

Making a sari into the kurta or Anarkali is the easiest way to wear any. And with the festive season being opportunities and improvement, odds were that at least a few weddings have been put on the calendars. When can you dazzle one way through the festivities by converting an old saree into a stylish Anarkali or kurta combination, then why burn a hole in your wallet or purchase label clothes? One can also go for fancy sarees online shopping. It is the way to use the older cloth as well.


Additional Ways to Repurpose Those Old Sarees are:

  • Dress: One of your favourite sarees may be turned into a dress in several ways, like a bodycon, fit-and-flare, tunic, and much more.
  • A skirt: Make that saree with the print and fabric one has been eyeing into a skirt by selecting from mid, maxi, mini lengths, straight, flared, or line shapes. It can be done with a linen saree collection.
  • A pair of palazzos: Palazzos have consistently topped the fashion charts due to their outstanding comfort and understated design.
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Indian Traditional Dresses for Ladies

Cotton sarees are the best choice for women who look elegant and stylish at any occasion. These sarees are comfortable and soft to wear. You can buy cotton saree online at affordable prices. Buying cotton sarees online has never been easier. There are different types of cotton sarees in India like Kanchipuram, Madras, Ghagra, Chanderi, Patola, Rajasthani etc.

Designer Dupatta Collection:

  1. Silk Dupatta

 Silk dupattas are traditionally worn by men and women alike. These are beautiful pieces of fabric that have been woven using silk thread. The silkworm spins its silk by feeding on mulberries. Many types of silk are used for making clothing, including organza silk, mohair silk, tussah silk, and chiffon silk. Silk is extremely soft and luxurious and is often used for high-end clothing due to its unique qualities.

  1. Linen sarees

Saree is a traditional Indian garment. In India, people wear sarees for different occasions, ceremonies, and festivals. A woman's saree should be comfortable and well-fitted to her body shape. You can get good-quality linen sarees at affordable prices from online stores. All you need to do is make sure that you choose the best store from where you can buy sarees online.

  1. Cotton Dupatta

Cotton dupattas are like silk dupattas; however, cotton is much cheaper than silk. Cotton is a popular choice for clothing due to its breathability, durability, and lightness. It is mainly used for clothing, bedding, towels, etc.

  1. Georgette Dupatta

 Georgette dupattas are thin and delicate pieces of material. In the production of georgette fabric, cotton and silk threads are used. Georgette is a luxury fabric often used for wedding gowns, bridal wear, and evening dresses.


In conclusion, Indian traditional dresses are a beautiful and stylish way to express your cultural heritage. From sarees to dupattas, there are many different types of traditional clothing, each with its own style. If you're looking for a traditional dress to wear for a special occasion, consider buying cotton sarees, designer dupattas collection.

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Simple Saree Blouse Designs

Saree is one of those Indian clothing items with a huge fan base worldwide. From the traditional ethnic sari to contemporary designer sarees, you can always count on it to turn heads at parties or weddings. In India, women wear sarees almost daily, even during their busy work. Sarees come in various colors, patterns, cuts, and lengths.

There are several ways to style a saree. The challenge is to choose between the various options and the look that suits your personality. The following infographic will show you some simple ideas to get started.

From the most straightforward printed prints to embroidered motifs, there are countless ways to incorporate patterns into your saree. This article shows you how to go from plain white to colorful printed sarees.

Collection of Some Trendy Saree Blouse Designs:

  1. The fluffy feel:

You will undoubtedly enjoy this. It's similar to a crop top but with fluffy sleeves and a belt to tie around your amazing pure linen saree. Stitch the plaits together at the elbows. These blouses are popular among modern brides. Maintain a simple and elegant style. You can find various collections of pure linen sarees online shopping.


  1. The vase cut:

The creative work is happening right at the front side of this style, and the collar gives it that edge. Overall, it appears to be daring! It would go great with latest pure silk sarees.


  1. The oval cut:

The cut is sassy, and the flowery design can offer a stunning contrast. You have the choice of choosing between long or short sleeves. You can admire the Zardozi workaround that will establish the tone surrounding the clip.

You could add a Latkan to it to bring out the whimsical side, and the floral design looks beautiful around the cut.


  1. The zigzag cut:

The saree blouse design is even more gorgeous. The back of the dress has a zig-zag-like structure created by intertwining each strap of the lace, which is fastened on each side. This pattern is much like the chequered design.


  1. Long sleeve with sheer:

The shimmering vibe of the long sleeves, which has an elegant print, can look stunning in the Sangeet ceremony. You can wear long sleeves, and the netting and flowers above sync a lot with the vibe.



Simple saree blouse designs are a great way to add a touch of elegance to your look. Pure linen sarees are a great choice for a classic and sophisticated look, while pure silk sarees are a great option for a more modern and stylish look. Whatever your style, a saree blouse design is perfect for you.

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Latest Bridal Lehenga Designs 2022

You can go with bridal lehenga online shopping if you want a unique wedding. A lot of different designs are available online and can be offered to you at a reasonable price. As there are many things a bride can wear on her special wedding day, the lehenga gives a traditional look to the bride. And will make her stand out from the this article, we will go across some of the best bridal lehengas online.

  • Multicolor lehenga

As the trend is changing daily, we should look at this Multi-color lehenga. This lehenga can have different color blends, which will look awesome and stunning. Thus, this can be the best for your bridal lehenga collection. If you wear a lehenga, the designer dupatta is a must.

You can have a bright color dupatta over this beautiful multicolor lehenga; combining these two will be stunning and awesome. You can have different designer dupatta online as various designs and colors are available with it. Thus, this will make you stand out from the crowd.

  • White lehenga

White is the most attractive and bright color. But many weddings have bridal lehengas with colors like red, orange, and pink. Moving out from the crowd can go with this fabulous white color having the designer dupatta of white color this is the deadly combination, this will surely make your husband fall for you. You will look super stunning and attractive.

  • Printed Lehengas

If you are interested in printed fashion, this can also be an option. Many of the brides prefer this printed lehenga for the pre-wedding shoots. They have their complete shoot onto it and will look awesome when you see the complete film after the wedding. This can also be the option for you.

  • Golden Lehenga

This is the trendiest fashion for weddings nowadays. This bright golden color will look awesome on you. The combination of designer dupatta on it will make it much richer and give you an elegant feel. You can also consider this golden lehenga.


These are some of the trendiest designs for this wedding season. You can do lehenga online shopping for these products. And can also think of getting a designer dupatta online.

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Latest Fashion Trends for Indian Wedding Dresses

Fashion trends tend to change frequently in this advanced world. People tend to follow every trend that is coming in the world.As this is the wedding season, let's learn about the fashion trend in Indian wedding dresses.

People like to wear something new to every wedding they went. There are several dresses out there to wear at any wedding function, but as we know, Indian women love to wear Saree, and we also know that the saree enhances the grace of Indian women. There are several sarees out there to be worn in any wedding season. Of all the available sarees out there, Linen sarees and Bhagalpuri Silk Saree are the top favorites of Indian women.

Latest trending sarees:

  1. Organza saree:

Organza sarees are the hottest trend right now. Women and even girls like to wear this saree as it enhances women's beauty and looks beautiful on them. It is made up of a distinctive fabric known as Organza. It made looks women sophisticated and graceful. It is a type of silk saree.

  1. Linen saree:

Linen saree is women's top preference. Women love to wear linen saree as it magnifies their beauty and drapes perfectly onto their bodies and curves. Linen Saree came in all ranges so that every woman could wear it. It is made up of natural fabric derived from the flax plant.

  1. Bhagalpuri Silk Saree:

It is made up of first-class silk. Bhagalpuri Silk Saree is an ethnic silk saree. It looks elegant on women and lightens up their beauty of women. Its fabric came from a city names Bhagalpur, also called "silk city." Bhagalpuri Silk Saree is smooth in texture and looks elegant on women.

  1. Lehariya saree:

The word Lehariya means wave. This saree is comprised of distinctive patterns, and it has dazzling colors. Lehariya saree came from Rajasthan, and Rajasthan women mostly wear it at festivals and big occasions.


Some other trending fashion trends in wedding dresses are-

  • Sharara Dresses:It is a type of Indian-Pakistani dress. It consistsof sharara along with a short top, long top, Kurti, crop top with a shrug, and many more combinations. It is a trending dress and is coming in every range and color.
  • Technicolor Lehngas: It is one of the hottest trends in existence. It is made up of metallic colors. Some designers are fusing techni-color lehnga with tie-dye patterns to make them stylish and classy.
  • Indo-Western Dresses:Women wear this dress in small to big events. They can be very heavy and light weighted. It can be top with a skirt, long Kurta with skirt, palazzo and top and many more. It came in various patterns, colors, prints, etc.
  • Chicken Kari work:It is also one of the hottest trends. Chicken Kari is a hand embroidered work. It can be done on several fabrics such as chiffon, Organza, muslin, and many more.


Any girl can wear all these wedding dresses and effortlessly look stunning. However, if you want to wear a saree at a wedding function, we highly recommend Bhagalpuri Silk Saree online.

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Top 100 Pure Linen Sarees

This is known to be a soft fabric that dates back four thousand years. The sarees are produced from plant fibers derived from the plant called flax, and it is one of the most famous fabrics in the current world due to its smooth experience.

There are different kinds of linen sarees that are available, including:

  1. Banarasi:

A Banarasi sari is one which is made in Varanasi, also known as Benares or Varanasi. The saris were famed for their silver and gold brocade called zari, quality silk, and opulent needlework and are among Singapore's finest. One can go for Pure Linen Sarees Online Shopping.

  1. Bandhani:

Bandhani is an Indian handmade fabric art/craft that is typically done by trained Bandhani artisans, dyers, laborers, and seasoned families engaged in the art for centuries. Bandhani is a major textile manufacturing sector, although one which is still small in scale and heavily reliant on the thing, traditional techniques, and processes.

  1. Kanjeevaram

Kanjeevaram sarees, also called Kanchipuram sarees, are a type of saree developed in Kerala, Tamil Nadu's capital. Kanjeeveram saree is excellent for those who like premium and exquisite silk. The top-quality silk used in such sarees, as well as the intricate weaving designs, distinguish them. One can have it by searching Tissue Linen Sarees Online.

  1. Maheshwari

It is a very popular silk fabric that is a blend of silk and linen fibers woven in various designs with kasha. Flowers, stripes, and checks are one of the patterns on Maheshwari cloth. The people made the fabric of Maheshwar.

  1. Paithani:

The paithani saree is renowned for its just one. Paithani saree are handloom silk sarees with a rich, ornamental zaripallu and fringe. Their unique stitching process characterizes the Paithani saree. The entire process is done manually, from dyeing yarn to stitching.

  1. Leheriya

Rajasthan's Leheriya saree is a very well Indian textile craft. The design pattern of these beautiful sarees is influenced by the immensity of that town's desert landscape. In the area of Rajasthani, the word 'leheriya' signifies 'wave.'

  1. Tussar Silk Saree

The tussar silk sarees are the next in line. This is derived from a specific type of silkworm located in South Asia and thus is mostly made by the tribal population in India. Tussar saris are available in neutral tones, such as honey and beige, and can be paired with various brightly colored sari blouses.

  1. Jamdani Saree:

Jamdani sarees were made of high-quality linen muslin, very thin yet silky, culminating in an extremely light and fresh sari. Eye-catching decorative designs weaved into the cloth differentiate Jamdani sarees. These intricate designs in the heavier thread seem to float on the super-duper fabric's face.

  1. Chanderi Saree:

Chanderi cloth is one of India's more-well handloom. It doesn't go through the treatment of raw process and is what gives the cloth its distinct sheen and feel. It helps in the avoidance of weaving damage. The Chanderi Handloom Saree is among India's most gorgeous sarees. Hand-spun linen yarn as fine as three hundred counts has been used to weave Chanderi sarees previously.


The light and very delicate fabric of linen sarees are very well. It's the airy fabric that makes it a summertime favorite. It's excellent for the summertime since it absorbs sweat and is soft to the touch.

The linen is airy, but it has a rigidity to it. The sarees become smoother when linen is blended with cotton, khadi, or silk. Linen is among the greatest fabrics known for being the lightest. It may be worn throughout the year - even in Indian weather - and is one of the increasingly better known for becoming the light of all.

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Latest Dupatta Designs 2022

The Dupatta not only enhances the beauty of a person but also represents Indian culture, in which a lady covers her head with a dupatta to show respect and deference to the elders. So, as soon as your wedding dates arrive at your door and you go shopping, keep track of the latest trends in everything you buy. Also, one can buy cotton buy dupatta online.

Some of the Dupatta designs are:

1. Beautiful party wear Dupatta pattern with a lot of embellishments

This is known to be a stunning cotton Silk Dupatta designed with the help of heavily embroidered. It features floral mandala embroidery that is precise and unusual, making it very attractive and also fashionable. It looks fantastic with traditional cotton silk wear and even choli. One can go for Online Dupatta Store.

2. Dupatta with Banarasi Maroon embroidered design

The beautiful Banarasi silk Dastaar features a floral pattern and a stunning design. It can be used for various party wear Sherwani outfits as well as a Salwar kameez silk or Lehenga. Such outfits were ideal for both festivals and gatherings. As a consequence, the Dupatta is an excellent option for such combinations.

3. Silk Dupatta embroidered Pink Cotton for Conventions

The party excellent and perfect Dupatta in cotton Silk fabric is indeed a party wear drape. It's mostly light but also ideal for parties and concerts. These can be used to start dressing cheap cotton silk or any ensemble.

4. Embroidered white net dupatta design

The net white Dupatta is needed in any closet since it can be worn with a variety of Salwar suits and long skirts. A white Dupatta can indeed be worn with a Punjabi long gown. Consequently, this is a good choice to match when you want to be subtle and beautiful without going over the top.

5. Stylish Bandhej printed dupatta design for festival wear

The Bandhej printed Dupatta is beautiful, and the rhinestone border adds to its appeal. This Outfit is perfect for those lehengas and Punjabi suits that you can match it with to create an amazing look.


There are a variety of drape designs from which to choose. A drape may add oomph to your Outfit. Some dupattas are very simple and plain, whereas others are heavily decorated with sequins, needlework, and other decorations. So, here's a stylish collection of party wear dupatta designs. One can go for Multi-Colour Dupatta Online Shopping. These dupattas are available online, so they can be used to dress up a plain and simple outfit for celebrations and other special occasions.

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How to Wear Saree in Different Styles for a Party

These days there is the trend of wearing sarees in different styles. Whether for events, occasions, parties, or school and college farewell parties, you can find the latest sarees online. There are various styles to wrap sarees on your body, and they can give you a decent and gorgeous look. However, women can wear sarees for almost every event. It is a very adorable moment when we appear our existence of Indian Sari is so much adaptable and complimented by women everywhere. So here, we will look over the different draping styles of sarees at parties. So let's talk it over.

The 3 incredible looks of draping sarees with a variety of styles

Adding your classical style to your various saree styles will define your style statement. It's not all about the beauty of the saree in a majestic manner but also has to look stylish and modern. Have a saree in a traditional way or with some outfits to appear more stylish.

  1. Adding a belt to your Indian saree: Including the good-looking belt of golden and black polish in your saree draping style can give you a more modern look and stylish. Now in these days, it is in fashion and will not go away sooner. You can have a leather belt, fancy broad belt, or any metal belt. Whether you dress your belt with the latest pure silk sarees or any traditional saree, it will surely give you a look like a beautiful heroine.
  2. The dressing style of saree in the Palazzo look: To dress your saree in palazzo instead of a petticoat can give a unique style of draping your saree. This gives you a very edgy look and suits you well for those who like to wear fancy classy styles. Now it's your responsibility to select the palazzo pants in desirable manners that have a unique color, style, and wideness that will give you the unique design of the saree.
  3. Dress like in a dhoti style: Most people are aware of Maharashtrian style sarees, where women dress their saree in dhoti style for the festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi etc. This dhoti style also gives you a dashing and elegant look. In this style, the saree is draped over your legging to give a beautiful look like dhoti. It is easy to wear, and you can find this dhoti style at many events.


There are many incredible and creative ideas to dress your tissue linen saree online in various styles. This can't be gotten over soon and never be get out of fashion rapidly. You can give a look of your saree like a gown, palazzo, lehenga, top look saree, etc.

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10 Most Famous Indian Sarees Types

Our India is being classified among the affluent regarding philosophy and oral history. We salute all our celebrations with much solemnity and represent and trust in going the extravagant way without bothering about the occasion. Whether it's south or north, every region and state has something glorious, like being seen to represent something out of the world.

Contrasting cookery, having a different lifestyle with different types of fashion, etc. But still, there is a thing that helps us get connected to every one of us along with the threads of grace and style, and that is our fondness and appreciation for sarees. So today, we will discuss the different types of sarees used according to their region and state. Let's get started.

1. Chikankari Sarees: If you are from Uttar Pradesh, then surely you heard the Lucknow place, as well all know that Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh. And if you belong from Lucknow itself, you have surely heard about Chikankari Sarees. These types of sarees show something fashionable. It is available in a variety of fabrics. It is done on the cloth of Muslin.


2. Chanderi Sarees: Silk, Zari, and cotton are all put together to make a special fabric that weighs lighter than a feather, and when you wear it, you will feel like something royal with a dashing and charming look. Chanderi Sarees belongs to Madhya Pradesh. If you are a choosy type of person, you must buy this saree because it's easy to wear and has the best kind of fabric.


3. Pochampally Sarees: This kind of saree belongs to the town of Boodhan, which is located in Andhra Pradesh, and showers the popular Pochampally Silk. These kinds of sarees consist of convoluted motifs and dimensional ikat designs and are made up of an ideal combination of silk and cotton.


4. Banarasi Sarees: These sarees are well likely to be known for the designation of zari look and motifs in the color of gold and silver. It was generated for royalty only. Banarsi saree belongs to Varanasi.


5. Muga Sarees: The Muga saree belongs to Assam, and this kind of saree is produced by a special type of silk generated through the larvae that are nourished on the two special types leaves. Muga Saree gives glossy durability. If you visit Assam, you can find golden strips of threads in the Muga saree in Assam only. And you can buy these pure silk sarees online.


6. Bandhani Sarees: As we know from the name itself, Bandhan means ties. This kind of saree is made up of a tie and dye process. Bandhani sarees are well likely to be known in both Gujarat and Rajasthan.


7. Paithani Sarees: This kind of saree is especially famous in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The handwoven silk sarees give a feel of luxury and stylish. It consists of a zari border with fine motifs and a frequent peacock design.


8. Bomkai Sarees: Bomkai Sarees is also known for Sonepuri Silk sarees. It is a piece of art that consists of ikat, embroidery, and complex thread work. And they all put together into one charming nine-yard wonder. They are accessible in the form of silk and cotton and give a special feel to events after wearing these types of sarees. Bomkai sarees belong to Odisha.


9. Linen Sarees: Linen Sarees are produced by the fibers of a plant named flax plant. It is well like to be known for its lightweight and has soft fabric. It has a breezy fabric that gives relief in summer and a dashing look. Linen saree is available in different types of fabrics and designs. It would help if you had a Linen saree collection in your wardrobe so that your wardrobe would be full of the moon.


10. Talent Sarees: This saree belongs to the land of West Bengal. And it is made up of cotton, and it is used as daily routine wear in Bengal as it is very light in weight and easy to wear. It consists of a thick border and beautiful prints that surely make you attract to buy cotton sarees online.


The look of all other outfits is on one side, and the elegance of our saree is on another side. None of the other outfits can match the elegant look of the saree. This is why our Indian culture is also becoming popular in foreign countries. There also everyone becoming fond of sarees and like to wear them at their festivals.

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Guide To Styling Your Perfect Sheer Sarees

When you're going to a social gathering or perhaps a luxury function, then silk sarees are a good choice. However, unlike some of the other saree materials, netting, gauze, and organza seem to be even harder to formulate and wear. Because this material was translucent, someone should exercise extreme caution when donning it. 

Someone could argue because sarees have long remained fashionable. This saree, or 6 meters of exquisite refinement, really does have an everlasting beautification that no other article of clothing could equal. A few historical sarees turn heads on whichever physical traits, from the basic Benarasi fabric towards the striking Kanjeevaram.

Whilst people respect ladies that wore sarees on just a constant schedule. It is important to remember because maintaining them isn't really a simple undertaking. Throughout addition to the design, choosing saree material plays an important function in letting your outfit stick apart. Whilst net sarees generally are lighter as well as simple for transport, drapes really appear attractive when draped appropriately; something clearly takes an incredible amount of expertise. After then, one must maintain a few more things into consideration. 

Don't ever crease its pallu: Contrary to popular belief, do not fold its pallu of the netted sarees. The enchanting fabric of such translucent sarees is enhanced so much when the pallu is held unlocked. Allow it to meander for something like an exquisite appearance.

Must choose appropriate pleated skirt: So, the cloth seems sheer, everything users put underneath your saree becomes readily apparent. Instead of linen, go there for a similar patterned satin skirt. One really shouldn't chop and change the petticoats.

Select the top prudently: However, unlike netted sarees, choose to have a non-transparent top. Because of pallu is wide, a really well-sized blouse would complete the outfit well. Choosing one ill-fitting top might destroy overall appearance. 

Appropriately styled

  • Since these sarees express an opinion for their own sake, limit your jewellery to just a minimum.
  • Choose a beautiful cosmetics appearance for a whole day occasion and just a dazzling for an early meal or event.
  • That crucial word here is equilibrium. Maintain as much simplicity as feasible. If you're wearing a costume, don't wear jewellery, as well as conversely.

Before you get excited and buy wonderful silk sarees online India, here's a basic maintenance guide

Maintenance Instructions for Sarees

  • Mesh, chiffon, plus nets among fragile materials that require specialized treatment. These shouldn't be washed in some kind of a washer when they may rip.
  • Nets drapes should indeed be delivered to cleaners. Or else, immerse these under saltwater to clean things against deteriorating.
  • It's indeed difficult to eliminate pressing on such a constant schedule.

It's important to understand the right way to style these exquisite sarees as one cannot let anything go wrong with them. They are elegant, glamorous, and so in the fashion scene of today. As Indian women, to whom silk sarees in India mean more than just a part of the culture, but also a great fashion statement that could be both modest and attractive at the same time. 

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The Best Kind Of Silks For Sarees And Other Attires

Generally summarizing, four varieties for organic silken have been manufactured throughout the globe: Mulberry silk, Eri silk, Tasar silk, plus Muga silk. Mulberry silk accounts for up to 90 percent of total handloom weaving, with the mulberry silkworm being perhaps the highest significance. There are almost 35 distinct varieties of silken textiles that were already extensively utilized throughout the production of clothing and accessories products.

Silk may very well be created from such a number of silkworms, each with unique characteristic properties which make them suitable for manufacturing various clothing.

Below is a rundown among the most popular and tried silken materials, which are for best use for so much more than their best use, which is silk sarees online. 


Charmeuse has always been a silky ultralight material coupled along only a great swing that is stitched with only a glossy texture. Charmeuse, like sheen, seems to have a dazzling sheen solely on a single surface but a drab smooth surface but at the other. One distinction between the two fabrics is that Charmeuse is a shinier cloth.

Charmeuse Fabric is ideal whenever considering manufacturing fragile skirts, sarees wraps, undergarments, including tops due to its properties.


Such gorgeous transparent, exquisite material with a quite rougher involving a combination quality as well as a lovely flow. Chiffon silken seems to be an incredibly light material with only a modest elasticity that is produced using small interwoven threads.

This same ideal material when stacking while adding depth. Chiffon overlaying offers a gorgeous look for a formal treat as well as bridal gowns, and its best look come out in a soft silk sarees online ensemble. 


The exceptionally beautiful Crêpe-de-chine seems to be a flowy yet fluffy straightforward material with only a subdued sheen as well as a characteristic crimping structure. This is also available in 2 additional flavours: 

Moroccan crêpe and crêpe georgette.

Crêpe-de-chine, the very delicate fabric having wonderful flow, particularly ideal creating sundresses, shirts, camisole shirts, especially undergarments. 

Fabric dupion

Very finely bound straightforward twofold silken with only a sharp, layered finish. A robust, resilient textile with only a brilliant sheen is produced by weaving using varied length weave but also warping strands. Take note of such actual random particles that might thread through into the weaving; this really is a remnant of the silken worm's initial silk cradle.

The shimmering effect might indeed be obtained simply braiding 2 separate multi coloured strands – also called shot fabric – to create silk with just a lot of beauty as well as individuality. Dupion is ideal for exquisite gowns, coats, cocktail dresses, and wedding dress up. 


Georgette would be a transparent, delicate straightforward material with such a shiny appearance produced from strongly knotted threads. To have not been confused for Chiffon, Georgette seems to be a thicker material only with similar attributes of someone not wrinkling and keeping a wonderful droop.

Georgette fabric is commonly used in costumes, skirts, long dresses, and headbands.

Cotton gauze

Organza or cotton gauze is an accessible material with such a silky shine that is transparent, delicate, and lightest. Despite being a lightweight fabric, these are densely coiled strands make a sturdy, long-lasting substance.

Organza has been firm yet sharp, making it ideal for necks, masks, bevelled edges, and night attire. 


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Hues Perfect For Every Indian Bride

Indian sarees have long been considered the perfect bridal gown for quite about any Indian lady. There's something really inexplicable about sarees that enable anybody who wears it to appear perfectly beautiful. Experts believe that no other dress could appear more attractive as more than just a saree.

When it boils down to this type of Southern Asian wedding gown available at online clothing for women stores, the saree's colour palette is important as the Kanjeevaram and Kasavu sarees feature Indian textile designs upon it rather than elaborate needlework. Bright colours are just a common option, and you may sometimes choose for hues in some kind of a matching spectrum as even the brilliant power loom designs render these sarees gorgeous.

Preserving all of these factors associated, well, here's a selection of 5 sarees colour combination patterns that any bride-to-be would like! 

Crimson and Greens together


This combo of complimentary colours, such as primary colours, red or crimson, and greens is one of the greatest saree colour schemes for creating a strong difference within the clothing. These colours will just have comparable visual interest since they are in the extreme side of such colour palettes. Choose an emerald saree featuring crimson bordering and also an ornately stitched top. Captivating gold hand-loom designs proceed through the development sarees are quite a certainty, contributing towards the splendour of something like this garment. 

Light Yellow with sea blue blouse

If you desire a plainer appearance, choose pastel sarees featuring fewer designs. This hue yellow seems ideal for all of this aesthetic since the gilded hand-loom designs blend in easily. Choose a sea blue blouse for a unique colour combo. Although if you want to choose plain sarees, this will make you stand out. 

Handloom of ravishing gold with tint of navy blue

This is a colour palette that might cause you to feel opulent. That would be enough to offer anyone a gorgeous look with both the crimson sarees adorned in gold hand-loom motifs. When users combine the navy-blue bordering with a similar-coloured shirt, they get bridal apparel that everybody would be raving about for months just after the ceremony. It is important that the fabric obtained is from the best online women's clothing store.

The boldness of a black saree and blood red blouse

In case you're someone who prefers to create a trendy look using their clothing, wear a bold black saree with just a blood red blouse. Such a saree colour combination seems ideal during or before celebrations. To finish one’s appearance, choose a blouse with tiny golden drawings as well as a massive individual part of glitchy necklaces. 

Pastels from the same palette

Just being true, choosing a sarees colour palette featuring clashing hues might not be the best option. One may select from such a broad spectrum of shades that relate to almost the same colour palette yet complement each other quite well. Yellow and crimson seem to be examples of this kind of hues, and its processes such as perception increase whenever the appropriate quantity of gold gets applied. 


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